Taking a Machine Break

It's early Sunday morning.  The husband is still asleep.  The house is quiet except for Spanish guitar music I have playing through my iPod (using the Spotify app - love it...) And I'm sitting on the couch with a toasty warm throw over me.  My intention when I rolled out of bed this morning was to put the binding on the Knickers quilt. But quite frankly I'm feeling over that quilt.  It's been beyond challenging ever since the project started and right now I just want it over with.  Anyway after walking into my sewing room, I just couldn't get my head into tackling that nightmare again so I headed to the couch.  

Last night while watching TV I worked on my Hands All Around project.  

I love hand piecing.  It's so relaxing.  My sewing machines are wonderful and I don't think I could live without them, but sitting at any of my sewing machines has never felt like a relaxing endeavour for me. When I want to unwind and put my feet up, hand piecing is the go.  That's when I can get lost in my thoughts as I slide the needle silently through fabric.  And so here I sit relaxing in my textile cocoon.  

I've had a few people ask me how to hand piece so I'm thinking of doing a video to post to either YouTube or here on my blog demonstrating a few methods I use.  It's not rocket science, but for someone who has never worked quilting blocks this way before, it is different.  Probably doing the demonstration using the block I'm presently working on would be ideal as this block encompasses both curved piecing and Y seams.  I'll give it some more thought before I put my face and hands into video-land.  And I would have to convince the hubby to play director and videographer as well.  As if he's not already completely over everything quilt related!

Speaking of quilt related.....today I'm going to High Tea with members of my quilt group Running with Scissors.  It's become somewhat of a tradition that every year or two one of us arranges a high tea at a fancy restaurant.  This year was my turn and I booked us into the ballroom at The Pagoda restaurant in Como.  I've heard good things about their high tea so expect yummy nibbles and excellent champagne.   I have such a hard quilting life......LOL


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