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I hate feeling colour challenged. 

Though I love colour in every aspect of my life and I believe that my colour choices in most things such as home decoration and clothing is attractive and perfect for me -I do struggle when it comes to raining in colour choices in my quilts.  This frustration has caused me to fall back on what I know works and therefore I love to create quilts of multiple colours because when you throw all the colours of the rainbow into a project, HOW can you get it wrong?  Therefore my scrap quilts are comprised of all colours or I fall back on my tried and true ‘go to’ pallet – red, white and blue.  Well, I need to break out of this box I’ve put myself into.

I’m taking a colour class through the online teaching medium  If you’re not familiar with you should hop on over there now and have a look see.  It’s a wonderful learning resource for any person who uses programs on a computer on a regular basis.  It’s not ‘just’ a tutorial site – it truly is a learning site.  Taking a class is like attending a college level lecture as it emerges you in-depth into your chosen area of study.  I’ve used it for years to learn everything from Photoshop to Word and now they have expanded their offerings to cover things outside of singular computer programs exclusively into areas such as photography techniques and illustrations.  The colour course I’m taking is called ‘Foundations of Color’ with Mary Jane Begin.  It is excellent and I highly recommend it (please note I have no business relationship with  I’m speaking strictly as a private citizen and have no financial arrangements with  to review any of their products).  I’ve taken colour tutorials in the past through Craftsy and I have to say I feel without a doubt that is by far superior.  Through ‘Foundations of Color’ I’m learning in a much more in-depth way about colour theory taken out of the realm of quilting.  As a stand alone field of study this can be applied to quilting or to any colour related endeavour.  I have high expectations at the completion of this class of FINALLY feeling more in control and focused in using colour in my textile art.  I suppose my future quilts will be the evidence of my success or failure.

Watch this space.



  1. How fascinating! I never even thought to take an on-line course about color. Good for you.:)

  2. I hope it helps me. I think it will because already I'm understanding more about colour relationships.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion of For inspiration, you might also be interested in the color palettes at Design Seeds,

  4. Thanks - I'll check that Design Seeds out. I'm always open to new learning experiences.


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