Fabric One - Inspiration!
Fabric Two
Sometimes you find that perfect fabric that gives you inspiration for all the other colours in your quilt.  I found that in fabric one above.  The scene of Paris with flowers and text and buildings is exactly what I was looking for to inspire the rest of my fabric choices and colours for the Love Entwined (LE) quilt.  The second fabric above of hand written postcards is the one I used for the centre mariners compass and I liked the affect so much I wanted to buy another meter of it to use in other parts of the quilt.  

The colours of the flowers in fabric one are ones I'm going to use in other elements of LE.  I'm so glad I found this because I was beginning to stress over what colours I was going to use as the quilt progressed.  
The mottled solids will work beautifully with the appliqué flowers to come and looks great against the dark blue background I'm using.  

I'm really enjoying all the appliqué which is something I never thought I would say as though I love to hand piece I've never been into appliqué.   I think LE is making me a convert. 

And to add to a great day my wonderful hubby bought me a rocking chair for our 15th anniversary which is today.  He joked that now I can rock away while working on LE and he's so right!


  1. I would love a rocking chair! I think I will get one soon!

  2. McKenna, I would love to have such a lovely rocking chair...and I envy you your inspiration fabrics...I think that I will be using French General fabrics in my LE...I do need to make a decision and get a start on the quilt....
    Darcene in KS, USA


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