Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Perth Quilt and Craft Show

You probably all have thought I'd fallen off the edge of the blog-a-sphere because I haven't posted in ages,  but I haven't.  I'm still around.  I feel in writing, as in quilting, sometimes the muse has to take you to present any kind of content with substance.  I've never been one to write or post just for the sake of filling up a space so since the muse seemed to have gone on vacation for a few weeks, I did too.  But I'm back now and hopefully will continue to post a bit more regularly.

Below are photo's taken at the Perth Craft and Quilt Expo held every year.  It's the largest event of its kind here in Perth so I make it a point to go.  This year I spend more time then in the previous ones and really enjoyed the slow browse of the goods on offer as well as the wonderful quilts.  Please excuse some of the blurred pictures.  They were all taken with my iPhone using one hand because the other was full of purchased items.

 My apologies to the quilt artist for not labeling each of their quilts with their names.  Ok, sit back and enjoy the show....