Love Entwined Started at Last!

Now that the charity quilt is done and dusted I can focus my textile energies on personal projects that I've been putting off because my quilting life has been too busy with group stuff.  It feels refreshing to jump into a 'me' project.  It's been too long.

In preparation for Love Entwined (LE) I cleaned up my sewing room and pulled out all the fabrics I think I might be using throughout the projects.  I say think because with a project this detailed and varied, no doubt my choices will change as the quilt progresses.  The first hurdle I have to get over is the fabric choices for the center mariners compass.  I've been agonizing over this for the past week or so.

Last night I started tracing the fabric shapes for the compass onto Stitch & Sew - which is something I've never used before.  It was recommended by the creator of the pattern as a material that's easy to work with for accurate applique shapes that is ironed onto the back of the fabric you're going to use (like when you use wax paper for applique) only it isn't removed the way wax paper is.  It stays on the back and washes away after a time.  As I'm very inexperienced at applique I'm going to follow her suggestions and see what happens.  I know as an applique newby I'm pretty nuts to be jumping into this very detailed and elaborate project, but I like challenges.  If something is too easy I get bored quick.  I'm pretty certain it won't be boredom that would make me walk away from this project....

So tonight I plan to finally begin the piecing of the center mariners compass that is going to be pretty small.  Yes, this will be a REAL challenge.  Stay tuned.


  1. I used something similar to Stitch and Sew on some of the applique I did in my Flower Garden quilt, I traced the shape, cut it out then ironed it on the fabric, then cut the fabric with a seam allowance then turned and glued the seam allowance down, then appliqued it on, works really well. You might like to take a look at this blog some really lovely applique and wonderful tips as well, she makes it seem very easy :)

    1. Thanks Pip - I'll have to check that blog out. I did basically what you describe last night in working on the centre mariners compass. I'm hand piecing this and not applique but the stablizing properties of the Stitch & Sew will help because the pieces are so small. This project is going to be challenging!


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