Red, White and Blue is Calling Me

As everyone who reads my blog knows, I'm working on the Love Entwined (LE) quilt.  This is a major undertaking for me because up to this point I have never completed a quilt that is 99% applique.  I've been afraid of applique my entire quilting life so I'm on the edge of insanity here to be doing this particular quilt that is intense to say the least for an experienced appliquer - and I wouldn't even consider myself worthy to be called a novice.  Anyway....

I've started LE with colours that I really like and think are working well together.  But something inside me keeps pushing me toward doing another LE (at the same time, mind you NUTS!) in the theme of red, white and blue.  I KNOW.  I wrote in only a post or two ago that I'm trying to break out of the red, white and blue colour scheme ghetto, but geez, I do love a patriotic quilt.  And after seeing so many beautiful renditions of this quilt in the making in a magical array of colour schemes, I'm thinking LE would be absolutely stunning in R,W and B.  I have an enormous amount of patriotic themed fabric in my stash as well that I could subtly introduce.  Nothing garish however or over the top, just an eagle motif here or a star placed strategically there.  And I could maybe throw in a bit of gold when a pop of colour is needed.....

Damn!  I really want to do this but I'm fighting it.  It's been in my brain for the past week and doesn't seem to want to leave.  What's the deal with me?  Was I Betsy Ross in a previous life?  (for my non-American friends, Betsy Ross was the woman attributed with sewing the first American flag).

I have to decide soon if:

1)  I forget this idea and just continue on with the colours I planned to use.  They are beautiful colours and I'm certain it will turn out well.

2) Forgo the original colour scheme altogether that I already started on and begin work on the R,W and B one instead.


3) Actually attempt both until I loose my mind.    AAAaaaaahhhhhh!


  1. hmmm - are you crazy! just teasing. I made two Dear Jane quilts and now I never want to make another sampler quilt with tiny blocks even though I like them - I started a Farmer's Wife and ended up making it couch size as I couldn't stand to do the whole thing.
    Good luck to you if you decide to make two of LE there are several on the group doing that right now in different color combinations.

    1. OMG - you made TWO Dear Janes! I can certainly understand your burnout. I'm thinking I might take Pips suggestion below and complete the colour schemed one I've already started as just a square and dive in with my R,W and B as the full quilt.

  2. You just might be nuts McKenna :) maybe you could make the centre in your original colour plan and make a complete LE in the red, white and blue combination. This quilt is going to take a fair while to make so you need to make it in colours you LOVE otherwise your heart won't be in it.

    1. Wise woman.....I think you're right. Last night I pulled out all my R,W and B fabric. It's obviously going to happen....

  3. I say go for it! If you're obsessing over it, then it's definitely worth the effort to see what you can do about making your masterpiece.:)


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