I'm a Member!

Today I joined the Modern Quilt Guild.

I’ve been considering it for a while but being outside the U.S., I wasn’t certain what value it would be for an international member as I more than likely wouldn’t have the opportunity to attend Sew In’s and such in the United States.  But now that I’m no longer a part of the Perth Modern Quilt Guild, I still want to stay connected to the movement and conversations pertaining to that style of quilting.  So I thought I’d give membership in the MQG a go for a year and see what happens.  Browsing their site I see some amazingly talented quilters taking quilting to the next level.  I could learn more than a thing or two from them I’m sure.

My group Running with Scissors has a retreat planned in Oct.  This is our annual pilgrimage to that awesome quilt shop in the middle of nowhere.  It’s truly a unique experience to live in a quilt shop for two whole days sewing, eating, and discussing the medium and completely becoming absorbed in all things quilty.  And of course there are thousands of bolts of fabric that just ache to be touched and oogled over during the course of the weekend with the inevitable outcome being I spend way more money after each visit then I ever plan to.  I’m presently on a fabric diet but as this event comes around only once a year, I give myself permission during the weekend to indulge in the fatty delight that is fabric consumption.
Psycho-70's apple core quilt on my bed

The full quilt, but you can't see any of the wavey quilting in varigated thread on the white side.  
Anyway, for the retreat this year I’m thinking of working on one of my modern quilts.  I’ve been experimenting with circles and by using time saving techniques and fabric fusing I think I could probably whip up an entire quilt top in one weekend during the retreat (if I precut and prepare ahead of time).  And if my husband ever finishes my machine quilting frame it would take no time at all to quilt it up and have a refreshing new quilt on my bed for summer (remember I live in the southern hemisphere so as the U.S. goes into winter we go into summer).  Right now I have my psycho-70’s apple core quilt on my bed and I’m really pleased with how that turned out.  Adding a few more modern styled ones to the rotation would be a good idea.


  1. After my first quilt guild retreat, I learned to bring projects already cut up. There is so little space at the cutting tables at retreats! Some of my friends bring quilts that need only binding and then crow about finishing three or four. :-) I'm looking forward to a year of the Modern Quilt Guild too. Seems like there will be more than the shows and gatherings...though I am planning for Quiltcon in 2015 if possible.


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