Stella is on Vacation

My 1953 Singer named Stella
My poor Stella is on the fritz.  Her stitching has become uneven and I can't seem to get the tension right on the top.  She's a vintage machine (1953) so I realize she needs a bit more TLC then a new model.  So, Stella, as my main sewing machine, is on vacation.  I'll take her to the sewing machine hospital for a tune-up shortly.  She hasn't had any work done on her for well over 5 years and that's not so bad for a machine that's 60 years old.  I should be so lucky when I reach that age.

Until Stella is back in tip-top shape I've put my Janome 6600P back on my sewing table to use.  This machine has been sitting idol since my husband started building my machine quilting frame (as this is going to be the one I use on it because it has the longest arm).  Since my wonderful hubby has only been sporactically working on my frame lately, I thought I should put the Janome back into service.  The one advantage to using the 6600P is she's fast - really fast.  And as I'm planning to work on some clothing construction soon as well as quilting, she'll be really useful for all the niffy modern stuff she does.  Plus I just love the knee lifter she has.  I wish my vintage machines had this capability.

My Janome with no name


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