Courtesy Matters

When I was a kid one of the first things my parents taught me when I was old enough to understand such things, was that being courteous and polite to others was tremendously important and always expected of their children.  That this social convention cost nothing to give but was worth more than money to receive.  And that being a generous and gracious person to others was the ultimate kindness and sign of good breeding.  Now as an adult I am so grateful to them for installing this very basic of social graces in me.  It's a shame not all people where taught this, or forgot it, along the way to adulthood.

Where am I leading with this post?  I suppose the subject of politeness has been on my mind as I experience the lack of it first hand in my dealings with others.  It amazes me how what seem to be otherwise educated, articulate and perfectly agreeable individuals appear blind to their own lack of courtesy and thoughtfulness to others.  This has come specifically to light in my dealings within a specific social group. 

It takes so little effort to say thank you.  To acknowledge appreciation for the hard work others do for the good of the group as a whole.  It takes no time and little effort to be polite enough to publicly show appreciation for work well done.  I feel this is an especially significant act when you are the figurehead of a group.  I know some people may see this as a small matter and in a way it is.  But its the small gestures I find that are most telling of a persons character.  

So the moral of this story is to remember what your parents taught you as a child.  Be generous with kind words when they are warranted and deserved, as it costs nothing yet means a great deal.

So end-th the lesson.  I'll climb down off my soapbox now.




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