Itty Bitty Pieces

I've finally begun work on the LE quilt.  As you can see from the photo above the centre mariners compass is pretty small.  These are pieces WITH the seam allowance.  I used Stitch & Sew ironed onto the back of the fabric to not only stabilize the pieces but also to give me an accurate seam allowance to sew against.  When piecing something so small its extremely important to maintain the right seam allowance because deviating even a little (and with so many pieces as well) will make your finished piece wonky and out of proportion.  At this point I think I'm happy with my color choices but I'll reserve my final opinion until I get them all pieced together.  I really hope I don't hate it and have to start from scratch again.

I'm mostly using my Civil War fabrics but I'm not going to limit myself to them alone.  I really like the new lines of fabric coming out that has script and text as it's pattern.  I'll definitely incorporate some of that into the quilt.  As you can see from the cut fabric choices in the mariners compass centre I'm using some text patterned fabric.  It's going to be an eclectic quilt for sure.

It feels good to finally start the project.


  1. I am looking forward to seeing this come together. I too love the text fabric and think it will be an interesting addition to this quilt.

  2. Love the colors you are using.

  3. I like your color combinations!
    I finally finished my circle and triangles. Think I will do the zigzag next.
    (Working with Sharon. We both live in Gales Ferry)

  4. I like eclectic, your colours look good together. I didn't realise the centre compass was so small, the Stitch and Sew will certainly make a difference with all those bias edges.


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