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WARNING:  This post is going to be a bit off quilting topic.

I have a couple of blogs I check out on a regular basis.  Many are quilt or sewing related but some I just find interesting.  One that I regularly refer back to is Post a Secret.  This is the URL:

An acquaintance of mine turned me onto this site years ago and now checking it out on Monday’s has become a habit.  Since I have my BS in Social Anthropology I find anything related to social interaction and individual motivation as it relates to groups really interesting.  This site is about releasing secrets.  The concept is brilliant.  An individual mails (most are snail mailed, not emailed) a creatively made postcard with his or her secret written on it.  These are then posted on the blog.  It’s a fantastic concept.  You, as an individual get to release a secret to the world anonymously.  How freeing is that?  The secrets are varied.  Some are a bit twisted - some really funny - others perfectly innocent.  And  many, many of them are so touching in their honesty and candour.

More than once I’ve been moved to tears at these secrets.  A recent series of posts have been added as voice clips (this is new to the site as it used to only be through mail but I think it’s now expanding into other technologies...) with explanatory text along side.  One was written by a granddaughter who posted her grandmother singing happy birthday.  Her grandmother would sing it to her each year on her birthday and she saved one year from a voice mail.  Her grandmother died in 2009.  This girl now sends her grandmothers voice clip to people in her family on their birthday – keeping her grandmothers memory alive in a very special way.

I’ve thought about sending in a secret or two, but never do.  It isn’t that I don’t have secrets.  Don’t we all?  I just don’t know if mine would be very interesting to anyone other than me.  Geez, I’m boring.

Perhaps I could start a Post a Quilting Secret site.  And here would be my first post – my own secret.

I almost NEVER change my sewing machine needle until it breaks!  Oh, the shame!!!!

What’s your secret?


  1. I think your idea of Post a quilting secret a good one but I laughed at yours because I do exactly the same and allways have Oh the shame !!!!! maybe its more common than we think but noone will own up to it but us.

  2. LOL You're probably right about that. I know I've read all the literature on the reason to change your needle after so many hours etc... but I just can't seem to motivate myself to change a needle that appears to be working just fine. And, I'm cheap. My grandmother taught me well all those years ago and her lessons of 'down waste' still eco in my head.


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