Organization = Peace

I find it very hard indeed to do anything productive in a mess. 
I know there are people out there who can have things piled almost to the ceiling and still always be able to pull out exactly the thing they need from it in a split second, but I’m not one of them.  I need organization.  A tidy space equals a tidy mind to me.  When my sewing room is in order I can put on nice music (maybe some Stacie Kent or Madeline Pryroux...) and get in the zone and my creativity flows.  My creative self works best in a well organized space.  Unfortunately right now my sewing room is complete chaos.  There are boxes piled well past waist height waiting to be moved and my usual sewing tables that are so invaluable to me in being able to spread out a project have been taken down for use temporarily elsewhere.  All I have to work on is the left side of my computer desk and the extended table to my sewing machine.  That’s it.  Now every time I head into my sewing room, that wonderful room that used to be my refuge from the busy-ness of the day,  my brain gets assaulted with STUFF everywhere.  It’s disheartening and completely counterproductive.    I know this is a temporary situation and once we’ve moved things about to where we need them it will be fine.  But it’s still disturbing to me not to have this little corner of my peaceful world taken away.    It’s also sort of frightening to recognize how easily my mental chi can be thrown off by such a silly thing.  Wow,  I need to toughen up!
So since 2011 is destined to be a year of change for my family I have to get my head in the right place and accept a few truths.  Such as not everything is going to be organized and in its proper place.  That change is a blessing and a curse.  That a fulfilling life is not stagnant.   Flexibility in mind and body breeds content.  And finally, that as long as I have my mobile hand sewing kit I’ll always be able to find a peaceful  sewing space because really, peace is all in the mind. 
Ooooommmmm, Ooooommmmm.


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