Bush Fire

Its amazing how quickly life can change.

Yesterday and today bush fires continue to rage through a very close community to our home here in Perth and is touching our lives in a very intimate way.  My stepson and his wife and children’s home is right in the middle of the fire storm.  I’m thankful that this morning all seems well for them and unlike their neighbour across the street who’s home burnt to the ground, they’re house seems to be past the danger at this point.  

It was a frightening day yesterday to realize that all you love is in threat.  Of course when I write this I mean the people, because things are just things.  But once you know everyone is safe and secure, you have to then face the reality of the loss of what was once your home and your belongs.  This is another kind of sorrow.

If my home, God forbid, were destroyed in a fire, what would I loose in material possessions that couldn’t be replaced?  Things related to memories of course.  Photographs of my father and grandparents long gone; quilts and textiles I’ve created and received as gifts that are all one of a kind, a sewing kit that belonged to my beloved grandmother she passed on to me, personal memento’s of my history in the form of jewellery and knick-knacks and such and the list would go on.  Even though the loss of each and every one of these items would grieve me, in the end I know, and my heart knows, they’re just things.

As I told my daughter-in-law yesterday, everything that is important in life is with her right now.  Her family is safe.

My heart goes out to all those families still struggling through this time.  I pray they all remain safe and the important things in their life are with them just like mine.


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