It's HOT

Yes, it's hot.  I mean REALLY HOT.  And it's been this way in Western Australia for well over a week with no end in sight.  The perdiction is that it will stay in the mid to high 30's (98-100F) throughout this entire week.  As our home has evaporative air installed throughout with only one room with refrigerated air, I'm melting 99% of the time.  DH and I even slept in the living room last night on our camp beds with the A/C on full blast just so we could get a good nights sleep without the oppressive heat.   Being from New York, I'm much more accustomed to temperate temperatures.  I've turned into a highly grumpy individual at the moment.  My poor husband. 

And so I haven't even looked in the direction of my sewing room which is located as far away from the refrigerated air as possible.  Though I have hand sewing that has followed me to the living room, the heat has zapped all my energy and I'm not getting much of that done either.

I typed a nice post over the weekend I planned to put here with photographs of a few quilts I've completed, but to put it up I would have to go outside and photograph the quilts.  No way.  I won't even go outside right now to hang laundry on the line!

Tomorrow is the first day of autumn here in Australia (but really there's only two seasons in WA - hot and wet).  I'm hoping, praying, the heat wave will end soon before my husband divorces me.

Thinking cool thoughts......


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