The Civil War so far...

I thought it was time to post some pictures of the progress I’m making on the Civil War quilt.

I’ve actually caught up to all the blocks posted so far from the blog. I’ve kept true to form on all but one block. It’s the appliquéd stars block. I’m not good with appliqué. Though I can DO IT, I’ve found I don’t enjoy it much. I just feel stressed out because I’m too concerned my stitches are going to show instead of just enjoying the process. So I decided to create a replacement for this block.

As you can see the replacement is a singular star instead of 5 small stars. And my new block is pieced, not appliquéd. I wanted this pieced block to look a bit ‘whonky’ in keeping with the spirit of the folkish, antiqueness of what I think the quilt will eventually be.

I also decided I’m going to make this a ‘quilt-as-you-go’ quilt. Meaning now that I’ve squared them all off at 8 ½ inches, I’m going to add a border of around 1 or 1 ½ inches around each and then sandwich it with batting and backing and quilt it. I’ll leave enough room at the border to attach it to other blocks once they’re all done. I won’t attach as I go because I want to see all the blocks first before determining how I’d like to arrange them. Also because I don’t know yet if the final arrangement will be row by row or on point, I’ll make my quilting pattern for each block the same and probably in a circular motif. I haven’t decided yet what the pattern will be. I’m going to research a bit on the popular quilting patterns of the day and see what I come up with.

I’m really enjoying this project. It’s a bit refreshing to present myself with only one block to achieve in a week and not have to concern myself with an entire quilt all at once.

I’d love to get feedback from others undertaking this year long process. What are your thoughts?

and P.S.  I really have to improve my photography on this site!  I take all my pictures with my iPhone even though I have a beautiful semi-professional camera at my disposal.  What can I say - I'm lazy.


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