'They call me Mellow Yellow...."

I think yellow is a fantastic color.  I love yellow in my clothing (though believe me I don’t walk around looking like a banana...) and yellow as a color for wall paint.  So naturally I like a little yellow in my quilts too.

These are two Mariners Compass blocks I’m working on that bring yellow to the next level.  They’re bright but not blinding – and of course, there’s just a hint of glitter within.  I don’t have an overall plan for these pieces but I don’t think I’m going to make an entire quilt.  I have one more in the works so with three of them they could be good pillow cases or put together and hung vertically a nice wall hanging or even framed separately and hung together on a wall to make an interesting grouping.  I’ll definitely hand quilt them to finish them off as these have all been hand pieced.  They still need pressing so they’ll look a bit more flattened and crisp once I put them under the iron.

Whatever they become I know I’ll enjoy looking at them because they just scream ‘happy’ to me. 


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