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I think with quilting, like so many things in life for me, its feast or famine.  Either I’m really into my sewing projects and work on them constantly, or I’m completely indifferent and have no desire to pick up a needle and thread.  I wish I were a bit steadier in my textile life.  I’m certain I’d get a lot more projects completed if I were. 

I like to think of myself as a finisher but with the amount of UFO’s I have piling up I’m starting to question that definition.  I do get things completed – eventually.  I just have to stay mindful of how many projects I have on the go at any one time.  I did a count not that long ago and it goes like this:

  • 1 appliqué project (this is my first REAL appliqué project and I’m finding it stressful so I think that’s why I put it down.  Of course piecing an American Eagle as my first project wasn’t the smartest move)
  • 1 baby quilt for my new grandson who isn’t so new anymore.  He’ll be 1 in March. 
  • 1 modern wall hanging
  • 1 maple leaf quilt that’s completely sandwiched and ready for quilting.
  •  4 quilt tops that still need sandwiching and eventual quilting
  • 1 quilt with all the blocks completed but not yet assembled.  However I’ve found I don’t really like the quilt anymore so I think I’ll cannibalize it for another project. 
  •  3 hand piecing projects all in different stages of completion.  One, a double wedding ring is quite far along.  I think I need to stop piecing more blocks now and begin putting what I already have together and see how large the quilt is.  Originally it was going to be a king sized quilt but we downsized recently to a queen size bed – thank God!
  • 1 mystery quilt that I’ve lost interest in.  Maybe because my chosen colors were orange and it’s not really ‘speaking’ to me anymore.  Or maybe it’s just speaking too loudly.
  •  And I’m working on the yearlong project of Barbara Brachman’s Civil War quilt.  Thank goodness I don’t have to actually worry about COMPLETION until the end of the year.  Though I must say I’m keeping up with each weeks post.  She’s posted 6 so far and I’ve completed them all but 1 (the appliqué stars.  I think I don’t really like appliqué)
So, can I still call myself a finisher?  I suppose I can since very few of these projects will linger too long without finally reaching completion.  Sometimes I wish I were a bit faster in concluding projects but then again I really enjoy the process itself.  I like spending time with the textiles.  For me it’s like being a kid again.  My Dad was a dye chemist and when I was very young he would bring home samples of fabrics with new dye techniques.  My mother would put them through the ‘housewives’ test of washing and ironing them and then give him feedback.  I remember all the textiles would eventually end up in the laundry room and that’s where I got to play with them.  So really what I do now in quilting is just a continuation on the playing I did as a child. 

So in summary, yes, it’s important to finish a project and I am a finisher but I find the most joy in the doing.  Maybe that’s why my list is so long – I’m having so much fun!


  1. Maybe instead of calling yourself a finisher your a doer which to me sounds a lot more productive. Good luck with the finishing though, for some reason it is not as enjoyable as the doings hey..

  2. I like that definition. Its sound so much more pro-active!


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