Civil War Revisited

Barbara Bachman is a wonderful quilt artist and quilt historian who mainly specializes  in creating and researching Civil War era quilts.  For 2011, which is the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the American Civil War, she has begun a  blog that has instructions to create a historical block each week with stories about the war between the states behind it.  I stumbled onto this site this by accident when reading though some of the quilting blogs I follow.   I've never participated in any kind of block of the month before (and this one is technically not one...) so doing this will be a bit a change for me.  I really love the look of Civil War reproduction quilts and have created a quilt top just last year using reproduction fabrics that still needs quilting before I can use it on my bed.  I've completed four of the five blocks she's posted so far.  The one below is the last block.  I haven't photographed all of them yet.  As as you can see from the last photo I used EQ to print templates.  If you read my 2+2=8 blog post you'll know I'm 'mathmatically challenged'. 

For anyone interested in the project here is the link to her blog:


My EQ template print out


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