Teething Pains.....

Some of you may have noticed my posts being a little 'off' in the editing.  My sentences break in weird places and the text is a bit large.....

I've been experimenting with an iPad app program called iNoteBox.  It's a great program that does tons of stuff.  And one of the features is being able to post not only text but also photos to Blogger right from the app.  This is a BIG deal because iPads don't have Flash capabilities and Flash is used by Blogger to edit posts.  Anyway, as my iPad is with me 24/7, I've wanted to find a program that will let me easily post to Blogger and so far, with a few teething pains, iNoteBox is doing it.  I've sent a couple of messages to the creator explaining the bugs so that's why my less than perfect blog posts are still here and unedited.  The software creator needs to see what happens to the text and photos between the time I create them on the app and when they get posted.

Please hang in there with my less than perfect posts.  I'm hoping for a good outcome soon.


  1. Try Blogpress as an alternative. I only bought it a few days ago and it's easy to use.

    1. Hi Sue, I have Blogpress but I'm not that impressed. I really think once the bugs are worked out of inotebox it will be a fantastic blogging app. The app designers have been very responsive to my comments so I have every hope it will be running well in the near future. Thanks for your suggestion.


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