A Quandary.....

So here's the rub....

I want to use my Civil War reproduction fabrics on a unique technique of constructing a log cabin quilt.  It's going to be done completely by hand using 2 inch strips of fabric.  My quandary is this -

Do I have to cut ALL my strips first before I begin?

This really is a legitimate question when you think about it.  Normally for a scrap style quilt I would say no, cut as you go, but with a log cabin where it's important that the dark is dark and the light is light, if I cut as I go, the difference between lights and darks change depending on what tone of fabric its placed next to another.  Meaning my medium blue could look really dark next to a bright print yellow but not dark at all next to a bright print red.  Get what I mean?

This question is driving me crazy because I want to really USE my Civil War reproduction stash but I have literally HUNDREDS of prints.  I went nuts last year buying CW prints when I was knee deep in making the block a week Civil War Quilt by Barbara Brackman  - to the point that CW repro fabric has overtaken everything else that I have.  That's pretty sad really considering that when I started the CW quilt last year I had none.  Zip.  Zilch.  Zero.   I think I may have gone just a bit overboard in my stash accumulation....

So, do I have to spend the next two months cutting 2 inch strips from all of my CW stash, or should I just cut from say 40 prints and get on with it?  I like the idea of using everything I have because it will look awesome with so many different prints, but I dread having to actually cut it all.



  1. I would go for the awesome looking quilt. Cut as much of it as you can without wearing yourself out on it.

    1. I think you're right Kate. I just have to psych myself up for the task.

  2. I'm with Kate. I think the results will make the whole process worthwhile! Selfishly, I look forward to seeing the quilt as you make it! Hope you're well, my friend! xo Gigi


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