I am the Traveling Stash Master

I received a wonderful special delivery today.  The Traveling Stash came hand delivered by my fellow Perth Modern Quilter Tracey Rampling.  It was so nice of her to bring the stash right to my door.  I'm hoping whomever is next on the list is a WA Perth local so I can do the same for her.  It adds that little extra touch of the personal because not only do you receive a great gift, but you get to meet a fellow quilter.
Here's the goodies that spilled forth from the magical Parcel Post Plus bag.

As you can see there was sooooo much to choose from.  If I didn't already have that Matilda's Own Double Wedding Ring template I would have definitely taken that.  But I have it so it's staying.  I didn't need any more magazines as the mountain that is growing in my sewing room already is threatening to kill me if it ever fell over, so the magazines stayed as well.  I don't use ribbon much, they stayed.  I liked the bobbin holder but I have quite a few of those, so it stayed.  I really liked the pattern for the tote bag (and the accompanying handle to use with it) but I have way too many bag patterns that need making already.  So really the choice for me came down to fabric.  There was a lovely assortment to choose from; a colorful panel with a dove of peace on it, some winter themed fleece, multiple pretty print fat quarters, and of course the, what is becoming infamous, owl fabric (there's oh so pretty owl buttons in a package as well).  I REALLY thought about taking the owl fabric (and buttons) but decided against it.  I know there are some ladies out there hoping the owls are staying with the stash until it hits them.  I won't disappoint.  Since I've been in a very orange sort of fabric mood lately I took this:
The 3 inch Antique Fair charm pack (reds, oranges and browns...), the orange with purple and yellow flowers fat quarter, the orange mono print weed 1/2 metre fabric and the 1 metre modern print orange, pink, red, green, you name it fabric.  I think all of these together would make a great bag or throw.
Here are the items I'm placing into the stash:

I wanted to think outside the quilters square so to speak so I didn't just replace what I took out with the same as what I put in (i.e. fabric).  Along with two themed fat quarters (pink with the Eiffel Tower and London with cartoon cats....) I included an 'Everything Mary' purpose tote.  As you can see from the photo it completely unzips to lay flat for threads and miscellaneous stuff.  I love mine and use it all the time.  I added a June Tailor quarter inch slotted ruler.  I have this one as well as the 1 inch size and couldn't live without it.  A package of Birch fabric grip dots to hold templates or rulers still, a Clover iron-on transfer pencil, a pink butterfly applique-able motif, a psycho-70's style tin for what-not's and last but not least - a mouse pin cushion.  I ask you, who wouldn't love to have a mouse pin cushion?  
The stash will be ready to travel again on Thursday.  Sorry ladies my schedule this week is tight and I won't be able to make the post office until then (that is if I need to mail it, depending on who receives it next and where she lives). 
This is the very first traveling anything I've ever participated in and I'm really enjoying being a part of it.  I remember my grandmother telling me many years ago that her quilting life went far beyond the confines of her sewing space.  She cherished her relationship with quilting friends that were made through a connection with needle and thread.  Those women stayed a part of her social circle her entire life.  I find this so amazing as her relationships developed in the years long before the ease of meeting other quilters through the Internet.  Many of the friends I have met initially as quilting buddies have become so much more.  And I'm certain there are many more to be met in my future.    
I want to thank Cass for setting up the Traveling Stash and organising everything.  Projects like this are a reminder to us all that we are more than just a person sitting alone at our sewing machines.  


  1. Woohoo that's so exciting! Wow you put some fab things back in the stash McKenna - very generous :) Wish it was headed my way next haha!

    I'm so with you on the quilty friend thing - it's so great to bond with people over a common hobby and have it develop into friendships!

    1. LOL - I tried to put stuff in I would like to receive. And Cassie was so generous as to start it off well I wanted to make sure I kept it interesting for the person after me.

  2. It looks awesome once again. I'll have to start thinking of ideas of what I have here to put in... Certainly is such a fantastic idea and one that could go on forever. Can't wait to see the next stop.

  3. It looks lovely.
    Can't wait til it heads to the East coast :-)

  4. Thank you so much McKenna, now my nose is all red but I've managed to hold back actual tears. It's so exciting, even for me who it's already left!
    That owl fabric is really getting a reputation, I think anyone will be scared to take it unless they love it LOL Except Bronwyn, I reckon she'd shamelessly snatch it out and poke out her tongue LOL But I think we'd have to cop that, she even has 'owl' in her blog name!
    I absolutely love the networking we women seem to do, all through the times. I am so excited you took some of the things I put in, it amazes me that a piece of fabric I had not used here is now going to part of a handmade bag over in WA!
    Maybe it's just me, but it's one of the best feelings ever. I don't know if it's a sense of finding likeminded people who I never thought I'd find, or knowing that others feel the joy of creating and the excitement of what can be ahead or what but it's just 100% joyous!!
    Thank you all for taking part, and I certainly think I've already formed friendships that will carry on in future!


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