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Well I've at least caught up to the current month on the Craftsy BoM. Having time over this Easter break has afforded me some dedicated sewing time. The March blocks too a little while to make as they're basically scrap blocks made of small strips of fabric. That normally is no issue for me because I have an endless amount of scrap bits from other quilts. But because I'm using a specific choice of fabrics for this project, I had to purposely cut lots of bits from perfectly sound, long lengths of fabric. That was a pain. And also because I absolutely HATE wasting fabric, I agonised over how much I should cut that wouldn't leave waste after use. I wonder sometimes when I watch piecing demonstrations if they're conscience of the left over fabric bits. I suppose when you get an almost inexhaustible supply of samples from textile manufacturers your sense of waste is different.

So here are my completed blocks to date.

I'm using a group of fabrics that I've had for quite a while (5 years or more). I bought them from a few different ranges in a color palette I'm usually not attracted to (mutated pinks, browns, yellows, orange and reds...). But I liked the prints and the overall look of the fabrics when grouped together so I figured they would make a nice quilt - eventually. When this Craftsy BoM came up I didn't want to purpose buy fabric for it so I started digging around in my stash and found these all packaged away together. Perfect.

I'm going to start Aprils blocks sometime today. I hear from the Craftsy blog it's hexagons and hand piecing. I LOVE to hand piece though I've never created hexagons so I'm looking forward to this month. I like getting a break from both my sewing machine and my sewing room. Hand piecing lets me take my project on the go, like out to the patio to enjoy the sunshine and breeze while drinking sweet tea. And it slows down the pace. When I move myself away from the sewing machine I naturally change my rhythm and breath more without feeling the need for speed. Yes, April is going to be a good Craftsy month I think.

Oh and Happy Easter!

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  1. Love the colour combination, McKenna!

  2. LOL mutated pinks? Don't you mean *muted*? U gave me a giggle there :-) The Craftsy blocks are really good. I just signed up after being inspired by Danielle's blocks at threads n mess. My Mum was all inspired before the course started but I'm a bit slow on the uptake! I only watched January last night, and didn't really want to make it... but I've been thinking about it all day and I can't resist now.
    I hear you on the wastage! I love those hidden star blocks where you diagonally sew a square onto the corner of a rectangle then press it back, but I can't bear to cut off the "wastage" LOL. Cheers, Cass


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