A Colossal Mess

This is what my sewing table looks like after working on a paper pieced block - a colossal mess.  

Reason number one as to why I'm not a big fan of the technique.  Don't get me wrong.  I love the precision you can achieve in making razor sharp points, but what a pain it is to do.  Print, fold, cut, measure, sew, cut, fold, measure, cut....geez... As if my sewing room wasn't already knee deep in fabric and unfinished projects. 

So far I've created all this mess just achieve this amount of block pieces. Mind you this isn't even one complete block yet!  Ugh.  This is what I get for wanting to challenge myself and work on a complicated block. 

This is a good project to use the lovely hand dyed fabric I made earlier in the week.  

Ok - I'm done whining.  I better get back to work because this block isn't going to make itself. 


  1. What a beautiful block! Paper piecing is on my list to try again, I was like you.....what a mess.

    1. Yeah Connie, I wanted to try paper piecing for a while. This about my third go at it and once you get the first piece on its easy. That first piece always stumps me though....

  2. Oh your sewing room resembles mine after a paper piecing session haha!

    I am loving the fabrics you've been using! It's going to be a beautiful block when you're finished.

    I take a few short cuts when I paper piece to cut down on time. I don't iron - I finger press the seams and just iron each quarter before I sew them together. Probably not the correct way, but it's worked for me so far. And I don't pre-cut my fabric before hand. Means I waste a bit more fabric in scraps but I'm terrible at working out which way to lay the fabric to make sure I cover all angles so if I use bigger chunks, I do better at coverage! That all said - it definitely is a fiddly technique!

    1. Kirsty - the fabric I hand dyed did turn out great. A bunch of the women from my quilt group got together and made a day of it. Eating, drinking and dyeing fabric with a bunch of friends is great way to spend time.


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