The Sound of Silence

It's been hot, really hot here in my part of Australia. For all my North American readers when I say hot I mean 104+ temperatures. It's like an attractive Hell sometimes living in Western Australia. Of course when you get excessively hot temperatures everyone is running their A/Cs at full power and before you know it the power goes out. It happens in Australia much more often then in the U.S. and after living here for over 15 years I've gotten used to the occasional shot in the dark.

Through the marvel of modern technology I have my trusty iPad handy to write this post and also afford me some artificial light in making my way around the house. I also have a head lamp that normally gets used when camping that is perfect in this instance while hand stitching as I play my role an Aussie Robinson Caruso.

I don't really mind the occasions when the electricity goes out. It affords me the opportunity to actually listen to the sound of life without the overtures of an electric hum. It's just the tick of our antique clock and the far off traffic that surrounds me. I can even hear the sound of my needle piercing the fabric and pulling the thread through.

I wonder if Robinson Caruso quilted?



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