One Stitch at a Time


I've been working away quite a bit on Stella these past few weeks. As I normally do my piecing by hand it feels strange to be working those stitches on a machine. I really think having good knowledge in hand piecing translates really well to machine. All the principles are the same with just slight differences (running the stitch off the edge of the fabric when using the machine for example instead of stopping at the 1/4 inch pivot point as when you hand piece...). It's a nice change for me to work by machine as I really feel my machine piecing skills can use a bit of a refresher. And I'm so enjoying Stella I had to start a new quilt in her honour.

On my last quilt retreat with Running With Scissors I purchased a few jelly rolls in colours I don't normally gravitate to - purples, pinks, and lighter pastel colour combinations. I did this to try and expand my colour horizons as I tend to like rainbow colours in deep, jewel tones. So for a change I went lighter. I've been staring at these jelly rolls asking myself one, why did I buy theses colours and two, what am I going to make with them? I never use jelly rolls. Not that I have anything against them, I just haven't had the occasion to use any. So the first quilt I'm creating on Stella I decided was going to be using these. Why not make the whole experience new?

I just happen to have a few jelly rolls books (it's a visions cycle isn't it? First you buy the rolled fabric, then the book on how to make quilts from the rolled fabric and next will be the jelly roll's no wonder I spend so much money on my quilting addiction). The quilt on the cover of this book got me and its the one I'm making on Stella.

I love the 3D look of tumbling blocks. I made one years ago with small 3 inch blocks. It was a long process and not one I thought I'd ever repeat. But the instructions in the book shows you how to create the look with 2 1/2 inch strips without having to piece block by block. How cool!

As you can see my design wall is nothing but a fleece blanket hung over double closet doors. It's not fancy but it works. I had to dig in my stash for darks as the rolls were mainly mediums and lights. So I guess I'm getting a bit of new colours and old and that's good.


It's a shame I have to go back to full time employment next week because if I had another week off I could probably finish this top completely. Oh well, Stella and my tumbling blocks quilt will be waiting for me. I'll probably need the stress relief!



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