Reproduction Habit

At the end of last year, in an Internet shopping weak moment, I joined a fabric club.

One of my many on-going projects is a civil war reproduction style quilt. A friend of mine in one of my quilt groups who is also working on a reproduction quilt (yes Judy, I'm talking to you...) turned me onto a bi-monthly reproduction fabric sampler club. The quilt shop is located in the eastern states of Australia and I've always loved their fabrics. Every year they have a stall at the Quilt Fair and inevitably I end up buying either fabric or patterns or both from them. So I knew when Judy said Somerset Quilters I was going to love whatever they were to include in a shipment - and I do.

These are the two packages I've received so far. Each package is double sided to give 16 - 10 inch squares of the latest reproduction fabric lines out. Also included is a block pattern (as if I need ideas to use this stuff...). I like that the fabric is labeled as well by designer name and line so in case I want more of any particular fabric I can easily order from them on line.


God knows I don't need anymore fabric, especially reproduction fabric - but I couldn't help myself. I've yet to use any of it but I will for the quilt I'm working on. There's something very attractive to me about repro quilts. Not only do I love the colours and prints associated with 19th century but the history of that period is one I love reading about as well. I'm hanging out to see Steven Spielburg's new movie 'Lincoln'. I only hope it eventually makes it here to Australia as its a very American-centric film.

So until I use it, it will live on my sewing table. I want to leave it out not only to remind me it's there to use, but also to just admire it. Uncut fabric has a beauty all it's own, don't you think?




  1. I think I am going to enjoy reading your blog. I could not find how to respond directly to the email you sent me about my zipper leaders. I would gladly post a larger picture of any image you would like a better view of. Just let me know.

  2. Hi Sallie,

    Thanks so much for the offer. I may take you up on it once my machine quilt frame is finished. I think your leader zipper system is fantastic and I definitely want to give it a try for myself.

  3. I also love fabric in uncut forms, something calming about it I find. Then when you cut it a frenzy starts to resew it back to a larger quantity and then it brings its own calmness and serenity to it again. The magic of fabric


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