It's the Quilting Curse....

OK, I admit it....I'm taking on new projects when I swore 2012 was going to be a finishing year of my old projects.  It's the quilting curse.  Never put off tomorrow what you can start today....

I joined a new BoM from the craft learning site Craftsy.  I've never taken a class from them before though I've heard of the site.  What's wonderful about this BoM is that it's free!  Yes, free.  All you have to do is sign up and for an entire year you'll have access to full video's showing you exactly how to make each and every block.  The presentor explained there would be 20 blocks in all as most months will post 2 blocks per month.  I was drawn to this BoM specificially because most of the blocks will be in the modern style.  As I'm not very familiar with freeform quilting I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to get some free tutorials in and create a basis to launch my own creative style in that quilting area.

So last night I put my trusty new Singer 160 on the dining room table, proped up my iPad and watched the video instructions as I pieced along.  I love modern technology!  My Singer is on my dining room table because my sewing room is filled to the brim at the moment with other projects and machines.  My poor husband - what he has to put up with living with a quilter.

Here are my two completed blocks for January:

Both blocks use the cut and slash method - which I found really fun and liberating.  There's no templates, no heavy measuring - just adding bits here and there.  I loved it.  The fabric I'm using is from a group of materials I purchased probably 4 or 5 years ago with no particular project in mind.  Its just perfect for this BoM and I'm certain I'll have enough of it.

I'm am still diligently working on UFO's as this WILL be my finishing year.  I've made real progress on two projects in particular.  One should be ready for sandwiching and quilting soon and the other is in its last stages of quilting.  It feels good to have something almost done.

Happy Quilting,


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