Everything Old is New Again...

There's something fascinating about 'old' stuff.  I like antiques, old books, vintage fabric, old men (oh sorry, that's for a different blog......).  I think I just like that these things have had history way before me.  There's something lovely about the continuity of items....  And perhaps because I grew up in a house filled with modern decorations I'm drawn to something so completely different from my mothers style.  Though I find beauty in simplicity and clean lines, items with worth just for their beauty is comforting to me.  So, I try to mix the two.  I call it warm country with constraint.

So now that we're in our new house and my sewing room is functionally set up, I wanted to start decorating to, what I jokingly say to my husband, is a room that 'enhances my sewing experience'.  During the move I found some very old Australian Ladies Home Journals I purchased during an antique hunt.  There's only two of them and they've just been sitting in a plastic sleeves gathering dust ever since I bought them.  So I decided I would now frame a few pages to decorate my sewing room.   So off to IKEA I went today to get frames.

I ended up using four good sized, light weight frames to frame the vintage pages as well as some fat quarters for a background.  I think they turned out pretty good.

Both of these magazines are dated June 1947.  I laughed at one page I framed of an advice column called 'It Seems to Me'.  A woman wrote she just returned to Australia from the United States and gave her opinion that she thought all the time saving equipment available to Americans are ruining the role of the housewife as women now have too much time on their hands.  Wow.  Obviously this woman didn't have a job outside of the home!

And speaking of jobs my vacation ends this week.  On Monday it's back to work.  I guess I'm ready to return to the routine though I'll miss my short foray into housewife-dom.  I sewed, cleaned, blogged, and baked bread all at my own pace without a clock dictating my day.  So sweet....


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