Apple Core Pattern Tutorial - Post 2

Place these two pieces on top of each other - right sides facing and aligning the creases on top of each other.

The crease

Aligning the creases together, one on top of the other
 Put a pin in this centre crease approximately on the 1/4 inch mark.  You can mark a 1/4 inch all the way around the apple core piece if you chose.  I don't simply because I've been doing it so long I can eyeball and 1/4 inch pretty well.

 Next you need to pin one of the outer edges.  I usually pin the right side first as I'm right handed and then move to the left.  It doesn't matter though.  Put a pin at the 1/4 inch mark at the right edge, aligning your edges well and  pin to the centre pin that you previously inserted.  Repeat for the left side.
Aligning the edges
Pin at a 1/4 inch
How it will look with two pins
I'm a great advocate of pinning.  Some people aren't.  I like to use pins, especially on curved pieces because it keeps all the edges stable and in place before I actually sew.  I tend to pin a lot on curved pieces.

How your finished pinned edges should look
Now you can start sewing.  I sew from right to left and take 4 to 5 stitches at a time using a rocking motion moving my needle up and down through the fabric.  I pull the pins out after I've sewn through the 1/4 inch section.

 This is how your finished sewn piece should look.

From the back
From the front
That's it.  Very simple.  Just keep adding and adding apple cores until you achieve your finished size.


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