Pin Interest

Danielle's unbelievably busy pin cushion
 I have a real interest in pin cushions.

I don't make them and I don't collect them but I do love to photograph them.  All my friends in my quilt groups know I'm nuts about this because I'm always taking pictures of their pin cushions.  They obviously think there's something wrong with me.

I don't know exactly why I'm so drawn to them.  Perhaps to me they are functional pieces of art.  And each pin cushion is unique in a way to its owner not just because of the beauty of that particular choice of cushion but also because it's customized by it's owner with their pins.  They each tell a little about the person who uses them.

I have many, many more photos but I won't bore the be-Jesus out of you with them as you may not be as enamored with them as I am.  But here's one last one - my own.  My husband calls it 'the bad fruit'.  I wonder what this says about me?


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