I'm Easy But Never Cheap...

I just know that every single quilter out there will be able to relate to this post.  I am completely ADDICTED to fabric.  If I walk into a quilt shop there is no way in Hell I'm walking out again if I have any money whatsoever in my pocket.  It's a sad, sad state that I can't control my textile urges.  Thank goodness I'm not a drug addict or I'd be in serious trouble.

At lunch today I went to a local quilt shop.  It's one I haven't been to before, which for a Perth resident, is pretty rare.  We have a very small community of quilt shops here in this state so if you're a quilter word travels fast when there's new shop to be explored.  This 'new' shop called Southlands Fabric & Sewing Centre (29 Yampi Way, Willetton WA) is actually a reincarnated previous quilt shop that has changed hands and location.  So really, it's a new shop and unbelievably I hadn't visited it yet.  So at lunch today I rectified that.

I went in with a purpose in mind.  I want to start a new hand piecing project as I've finished my last one and have only one other on the go that I call my '10 year project' so really there's no end in sight for that one.  I wanted to begin another hand pieced quilt and finally chose the pattern - All Hands Around.  It's pictured below from a Google search.

All Hands Around Block

 I'm going to complete this project with Civil War reproduction fabrics because I just love them.  Also for me it doesn't feel quite right to hand piece a modern quilt.  Perhaps because I associate hand piecing to the traditional it seems only fitting to use traditional patterns and textiles.  To me hand piecing is living history so I feel most content hand piecing blocks of a less contemporary nature.  Anyway, now that I've chosen the block I wanted to look at reproduction fabric.  God only knows I do not need anymore reproduction fabric.  I have tons at home left over from my Brother Against Brother Civil War quilt and also the Civil War quilt block of the week I participated in from Barbara Brackman a few years back.  But it's not about need.  It's NEVER about need.....

I came away from this lovely shop poorer in pocket but richer in textiles.  This is what I bought:

Jo Morton in brown, two tones of CW repo in greens and blues
Along with the fabric I purchased something new I hadn't seen before.  I'm sure most of my readers in the northern hemisphere probably have but here in Australia it takes TIME for stuff to make it down under.

Wonder Clips

I also picked up a fat quarter of chicken fabric.  This is hilarious of course because if any of you read my posts as I was reorganizing my fabric stash you would have heard me pronounce I have a disturbing number of chicken prints.  Obviously there's a chicken quilt in the making in my head and I'm stocking up early.  This is doubly odd because I don't have a country-fied house.  I don't know where this chicken quilt (if I ever make one) will end up.

So, there you have it.  Just one more quilt shop to add to my growing list of places where I deposit my hard earned money.  At least I'm supporting the local community.  I admit I'm a quilt shop whore.....


  1. This is my favorite block personally but I find it too challenging for my skill level. Yours looks fabulous!

    1. It is a bit challenging but once you complete the first block successfully the rest come easily. Give it a go


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