Messy Room Organized Mind

 THIS is what my sewing room looks like when I'm knee deep in projects.  It's a complete and utter mess.

I've tried keeping it neat and tidy while working on projects but it always ends up back to this.  I pull out fabric to audition, dig out books for reference, use this tool and that, grab rulers and pens and sew and cut and let all the bits fall to the floor.  And there you go, a mess.  *heavy sigh*  The only time my room looks presentable is when I'm doing no sewing at all.  Am I the only sewer who lives like this?....

The most wonderful aspect of my sewing room is evident by 9am - the glorious morning sun streaming in through my ample windows.  I adore my sewing room first thing in the morning.  It's bright and cheerful and such a happy space to be in.

Though my present sewing space is smaller than the one I had in our old house it's more open and light filled.  I'd take a smaller light filled room over a large dark cave any day.

 I'm fortunate to have plenty of table space that encircles the room but I tend to fill it up quickly with fabric and such.  Sometimes it gets so bad I move to the dinning room table which is great fun for my husband.  He just rolls his eyes and comments that "the three rooms you use in the house already for your sewing isn't enough?"  - "dah - obviously not" is my look back to him.

Since I've started using Stella as my main sewing machine she's been an absolute trooper.  I just adore my 1957 beauty.  The table she sits on was made by my loving and tolerant husband specifically to suit my Janome 6600.  Where Stella sits right now is over the hole he cut in the table to slide in the Janome making the entire table top an extended sewing bed.  However Stella has an ample bottom (very much like her present owner....) so she doesn't fit.  I've played around with the idea of asking the husband to cut a larger hole to fit Stella as I plan to use my Janome mainly on the machine quilting frame, but I haven't decided yet to commit.  Once the hole is cut, it's cut.

I've been pulling all my novelty fabric out to make blocks for the +X quilt.  Yesterday in my quilt shop travels I purchased some cut offs that I'll incorporate into a sewing themed block.  These new purchases of course add to the clutter already spread about the room.

I console myself with the opinion that even though my room is messy my brain is somewhat organized.  All I have to do really is put blinders on to the room as a whole and just focus on whats in front of me - then it's all good!


  1. I totally agree--small room with light over larger room that's dark! I think most quilters tidy up between projects, not during.:)


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