Grandmothers Choice - Votes for Women

I'm embarking on another year long block of the week project.  God only knows I shouldn't take on yet another project but I can't help myself.  I truly enjoyed the weekly posts of the last 12 month endeavor I participated in when I did the Civil War 150th anniversary quilt posted each week by Barbara Brackman  I hated to see it end I enjoyed it so much.  So I was really excited to see Barbara is hosting a new block of the week starting in September. 

This quilting project is called Grandmothers Choice - Votes for Women and its focus will be on the history and stories from the women's suffrage movement.  I love history.  And I especially love history as it pertains to women.  My vintage book collection that I've assembled over the years has over 50 books focusing on women's domestic history.  So this particular project really sparks my interest.

As I've just finished my fabric reorganization project and can now really see what fabrics I have in my stash, this morning I went shopping on my shelves to see what I have available to use for this upcoming project.  Before I went to my stash however I browsed a few website selling fabric (see, fabric collecting and buying really IS an addiction!!!) to check out what's new out there.
Fabric in William Morris/Art Nouveau style from my stash

After looking at absolutely gorgeous fabric on line, I've narrowed my focus down to William Morris (WM) style prints.  WM prints reflect the Art Nouveau design era with naturalistic presentations of nature.  Prints in this genre have a lot of vines and leaves presented in a flowing style.  Sadly in my own collection I have only ONE genuine William Morris but I have a good number of prints characteristic of the WM style that I could use.
My only William Morris print

I've decided along with traditionally styled WM I'm going to add a modern touch and incorporate contemporary WM inspired prints.  The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of combining 'old' and 'new'.  I like eclectic and I think this will be a good marriage of opposing styles with the common thread of an interpretation of a particular designer that will in the end compliment each other.  At least it makes sense in my head.  I'll have to see how a few completed blocks come together first to really see if this is possible. 
WM on the left - modern interpretation on the right

Some modern interpretations of the Art Nouveau style

And you know, as much as it pains me, I'm going to have to buy a few more genuine WM prints otherwise the quilt will have too much busyness without real cohesion.  I wonder if my husband will understand this when I come home with more fabric.......


  1. You have some nice fabrics to make your selection from, are you going to go with any particular colour scheme or just see how it evolves? I am looking forward to the first block coming out, can't wait to see what Barbara has in store for us.

    1. Hi Pip - I've decided to use my only genuine WM print as inspiration. I'll take the colors of it for my quilts color theme. That would be blue, green, grey, and black thrown in for good measure. What about you? What fabric are you going to use? Are you on Facebook?

  2. Oh man!!! no no no...and then I read about this quilt...I'm in America and the colors can be dark violet and cheddar...I have LOTS of cheddar...THEN I checked out William Morris prints and there is the PERFECT border print that I can pull from. DARN you! I'm in.

    1. LOL Mego - I know - it's an addiction. I just can't say no go a good block of the week!


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