A Foundation Piecing Machine

I've been working HARD lately.

I'm particapting in Kristy's (of Quiet Play's fame) Practicially Paper Piecing Blog Hop and my day to post is coming around quickly.  Friday of this week to be exact.  So I've been in frantic mode trying to get my project together and tutorial ready for post.

The project itself is coming along quite nicely.  What took all the time was deciding what to do.  Then after I made that decision (which frankly I pondered for too many days....) I needed to get the fabric together.

 I'm one of these strange sewing creatures that has to have her sewing space neat and tidy before embarking on a new project.  I don't like clutter - at least not multiple project clutter.  So all the bits of on-going projects have to be put away for me to to make room for what I'm working on presently.  Its a process.  What can I say.

Tonight after dinner I'll secret myself in my sewing room, door closed, music playing, getting into my foundation piecing groove.  My poor husband really is a quilting widower.


  1. McKenna, I'm a transplanted Aussie living in Texas. I have reconnected with friends from school, who are quilters and I must say I am appalled at the cost of fabric there. Don't know how y'all do it. Hang in there.


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