Drowning in Textiles

I’ve been very busy lately reorganizing my fabric collection.   When I’m done I’ll post a photo.

I went ahead with my idea for putting fabric on bolts and then placing them on shelves the way fabric stores do.  It’s fantastic to be able to SEE all the fabric all at once and have the ability to then organize them according to specific categories – colour, type, style (modern/reproduction etc).  I think it’s really going to transform the way I design and execute my quilts in the future.  For one thing, I’m going to shop in my own fabric stash before heading out to the store to see what’s new.  Who would have thought that this would be a revelation to me?

During my reorganization it’s been a real eye opener not only to see and accept how much fabric I actually own, but also to revisit cuts of fabric that haven’t seen the light of day in years.   What have I learned from this process?

  • That I own ALOT more fabric then I truly thought I did.  Especially considering that any cut of fabric under 80cm didn’t even make it to the bolt which go on the shelves yet I still have baskets full of small cuts and fat quarters or less – wow.  Talk about excessive amounts of fabric!
  •  That I have an extensive range of fabrics that differ drastically from each other.  I obviously went through a period of loving chickens because I found a disturbing number of chicken prints.  I’ve also gone the gambit of colour from way out there, neon patterns to very subtle reproductions in muted tones.   I love it that I’m so eclectic in my tastes and not stagnant.
  • That in my brain and in my buying habits I can never have enough American patriotic prints and colours in my stash.  I have loads of red, white and blue and even more prints with flags, eagles and even Presidents heads printed on them.  I hope to one day use at least some of these prints for a few fantastic quilts.  If not I hope when I’m gone one of my quilting friends will be happy to inherit these.  
  • That I have more fabric in my stash then I will ever need to make quilts for the rest of my life.  Is this a good or bad thing?
  • That fabric collecting is a sickness and I’m on deaths door.


  1. So long as you have sorted out who inherits the stash - it's all good hehehe.

    It is a bit scary when you realise just how much you've collected and how your tastes can vary. And yet... there seems to never be enough fabric and always an excuse to buy more!


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