Pins, pins, something pretty

I went to an antiques fair last weekend.

When I go to antique fairs I always have my eye out for something related to women's domestic work; i.e. cooking, sewing, decorating etc....  Since I collect old books (see post It's All Women's Work) fairs are usually my best resource for good stuff.  This fair however was a bust for books, but I did find this lovely Limonge pin dish, circa 1920 for what I think was a great price, $26.

My photograph of course doesn't do it justice (I really have to get better at this....).  It's a beautiful deep cobalt blue with gold ferns on the bottom of the dish.  It's the perfect size too for those long, glass topped pins I adore.

It has found a home next to my sewing machine among other 'vintage' sewing items that I still use for their intended purposes.  I know a pin cushion might be a bit more practical, but I don't care.  I just love this little dish.  I'm really glad I found it.

And I really need to take my photography on this blog up a notch.  I'm a pretty good photographer, really I am.  But it seems every picture I upload here is garbage.  I want my pictures to look like Gigi's on The Magpie's Fancy.  Absolutely everything she posts looks like a magazine spread.  I suppose I have something to aspire to.....


  1. What a pretty dish. I would have brought it home too! Good she has a new home ;-)

  2. Dawn it sounds like you and I are cut from the same cloth. We'd have a blast together at an antiques fair! We'd probably fight over the same stuff!

  3. Good Morning! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I live near Mystic. Sometimes I think I am getting too old for helping with the historical reenactments (packing, driving, setting up, unpacking, etc) So far, just the forsythia is in bloom in CT.

  4. Thanks for visiting me McKenna, I love your vintage dish. I'm convinced a new camera will turn me into a half decent photographer, I can only hope, lol.


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