Introducing - FINALLY....

Now that my dearest cousin Maureen (who I have not seen in person for at least 20 years) has received the quilt I've been promising her for at least 20 years, I can post a picture of it here.

I named it FINALLY for obvious reasons.  Sorry Maureen it took 20 years to get to you.  Blame it on the mail.

This is my first broken star quilt (I have a thing for stars....) and really enjoyed working on it.  Maureen gave me her color choices and trusted me to decide on the rest.  This photograph was taken at my groups last quilt retreat in Oct 2010 and all the quilting was done at that point - I still needed to add the binding.  The star elements were entirely hand pieced.  It is both machine and hand quilted (hand quilting around and within the star).  I used off white thread for most of the quilting but used variegated purple thread in some of the decorative elements that you can't see in this picture.

I'm so glad she now has it.  Looking at the photo brings back wonderful memories not only of its creation and all the meetings and retreats it went to with me, but the great memories of our childhood together I remembered while making it.  Some people, some friends, stay in your life forever.  That's how I feel about my cousin Maureen.


  1. My dear cousin,

    Oh indeed, how I love it! And as you reflected on our childhood memories while making Finally, maybe one day we can reminisce together..

    I love you so much and please.. thank your quilting guild for me!

  2. What a generous and beautiful gift!


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