My Year Ahead in Sewing

I’ve been quilting all my life.  There may have been some years in my youth when I let it drop away for a time but for the most part I’ve always made quilts either by hand or by machine.

Something I’ve tackled only sporadically in my sewing life has been garment making.  I’ve made the occasional skirt here and there and even made (with the help of an excellent Craftsy tutorial - The Sassy Librarian Blouse….) a wearable blouse.  But on the whole, I’m afraid of garment patterns.  All those lines and matching points and three dimensional maneuvering scares the bejesus out of me. And of course I NEVER seem to take on an easy pattern. Every project I’ve tried in clothes making has been beyond beginner/novice.  I can’t help myself.  I don’t like doing what I see as wasting my time with something I’m not interested in even if it is to achieve a level of comfort with a technique.  I’d rather just jump in with both sewing hands first hoping at the end to have something I can wear that isn’t too scary.  I’ve had mixed results with this approach….

This year I think I’m going to really dive into garment sewing and see if I can apply all the skills I’ve learned in my quilting life thus far to producing wearable garments.  And I don’t mean patchwork vests or quilted slippers (not that there is anything wrong with this for people who like that kind of stuff - I just don’t happen to be one of them).  More of what I have in mind is tailored, classic elegance in blouses and trousers and dresses.  Simple in design but outstanding in sophistication.  As my husband and I are planning a big European holiday in the next few years it would be great to work on a travel wardrobe.  How cool would it be to walk down the streets of Paris in a gorgeous swing coat (and matching hat, of course) made from fabric of my choice knowing it’s all original and bespoke?  

With my sewing future in mind I’ve joined a BurdaStyle garment making club.  I figure mingling with people who actually KNOW what they’re doing when it comes to clothes making is my best bet at a real opportunity to pick their brains when I’m stuck.  My being a part of their group will be much more beneficial for me then for them.  Of course, if they want to know how to sew curved seams or make a patchwork quilted vest - I’m there!  

Tonight I'm going to buy a Singer 151 dressmakers dummy. I've been thinking about getting a dummy for a while and finally decided I do want one. I'm hoping having a dummy in my size will not only help in making wearable clothing but also stand as a daily reminder of my new found commitment to making a wardrobe. I mean, how can you IGNORE a big 'ol red mannequin in your sewing room every single day?

Watch this space.....


  1. You'll never regret learning to sew your own clothes. And of course we'll all help!

  2. You are wonderful Elle! I need a sewing mentor.


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