It's Been a LONG Time.....

Happy New Year everyone!

It's been quite a while since I sat down in front of my computer to type a post for my blog.  Taking an extended break seems to be the norm for me.  After a few months off I always come back refreshed and ready to 'talk' after resting the 'little grey cells' as Poiret would say.  As I write for a living, sometimes, even though I love to write, I need to step back from my computer screen and regroup in order to stay fresh.

So, what's on my quilting agenda for the new year?  I haven't really made any resolutions as such.  I just want to get some quilts done as in actually quilted and ready to put on the bed.  I've accumulated entirely too many finished tops so now I need to quilt them.  I'm hoping that the quilt frame my husband has been working on for just about a year now will finally be ready soon.  When it is I plan to machine quilt at least three of my present quilts.  A few others I'll continue hand quilting.  During my holiday break I already completed a number of the quilt-as-you-go blocks for the Civil War quilt.

Of course I started another quilt over the break.  It's done in solids which are cottons that look like silk.  Very pretty fabric and I think will look wonderful when put in a completed quilt from a pattern I'm using from an ebook I purchased late last year called:  Modern One Block Quilts

I've found the quilts in this book really inspiring.   This is what I've completed so far (there are ALOT of flying geese in this particular pattern!).

It's coming along pretty quick and who knows, I may actually get this quilt on the bed by the end of 2014!

I wish everyone a very productive and joyful quilting year.


  1. I agree--a generic "I want to make quilts" does it for me too. No list. No UFO guilt. I hope you have an easy way to make flying geese. Looks good.

  2. Thanks knitnkwilt - the book actually gives really good directions on how to cut flying geese in a mass- produced, no waste way. Perfect for the fabric cheap-o that I am.


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