The Perth Quilt and Craft Fair

I had a great time visiting the latest Quilt and Craft Fair this year here in Perth.  Instead of going solo as I normally do I went with two American friends, Carla and Becca.  It was a full on, all day event for me.  I arrived just before opening and didn’t leave until 3 in the afternoon.  I had LOTS of time to shop and absorb everything on offer – and of course to spend entirely more money than I planned to on things I didn’t even know I needed.  I’ll talk more on that in another post.

Here are photo’s of some my favourites.  My apologies to my quilt friend Cat who has a fabulous quilt in the show that I didn’t get a picture of because my mobile phone died on me and it’s what I was using to take pictures.  I’m usually more organized and bring a proper camera but in my rush to get out of the house in the morning I forgot it.  Her quilt is a testament to meticulous quilting and use awesome use of color.  Here is a photo of it from our last retreat.  It looked even better hanging on display at the show.

 And now, on with the show:  (and so sorry some are blurry.  Mobile phones just aren't the way to go to capture the best photos)

Interesting textured piece

The theme for this challenge was 'FREE'.  This is a close up of the quilt below

Beautiful machine quilting

A lovely whole cloth machine quilted

Close up of one of the hexie.  This was thread drawing

From a hexie block swap

Simple, yet striking

Too bad this is blurry.  Very interesting

Fantastic use of a childs drawing for a full sized quilt

Loving this wool quilt and the large stitches used throughout

This is from the FREE challenge


  1. I loved your friend's quilt - lovely hand quilting!

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  3. So cute these quilt patterns are. How did you make them? I like the first one. It is very colorful and attractive to look at. If I would be asked what design to make, I will definitely choose this pattern. Yes it would not be easy, but I will really make it.

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