Sometimes It's All About the Accessories...


I'm a girl - well, a woman.  That statement should tell you all you need to know about fashion accessories and me.  They go hand in hand like black and white, Lucy and Ricky and a 1960s VW Volkswagon Beetles with a painted peace sign..... I like to accessories no matter what I'm wearing.  This, as a quilter, includes my sewing kit.

When I'm traveling with my hand piecing I need certain tools of the trade to travel with me; scissors, needles, pins, pin cushion, thread and something to hold it all in.  Most times I have a lovely looking case that from the outside looks like a book.  It holds everything, including the project I happen to be working on, nicely.  But sometimes I whittle the kit down to it's bare essentials.  But even when I'm bringing nothing extraneous except what I need, I still like it to look good.  It's part of my nature.  So here's a look at what the bare essentials are to my sewing kit:
I made this little bag to hold this and that.  I found it's perfect to hold all that items that follow below

My thread spool holder.  This is handy as it holds my thread spool as I use it so I don't have to chase the spool all over the floor as it unravels.  My husband made a few of these for me and I love them.
A finger pincushion.  I usually like using a finger pincushion because its convenient.  Its right there on my left hand so I hardly have to move much with my right hand to extract a pin from my project and put it into the holder.
A pin/needle holder.  I keep extra needles and pins in this soft case.  A friend made it for me one year for Christmas and I use it all the time.

And finally my scissors accessorized with my personal name beads (so I don't forget who I am).  These lovely scissors are Australian made and are called wallaby scissors.  Storks are so northern hemisphere.

So as you can see, even in sewing as in real estates its all about accessories, accessories, accessories.


  1. Your sewing kit is quite similar to mine, except I don't have a thread spool holder, I need to try and manufacture something similar. I have a little dangly on my scissors but your name beads are a much better idea.


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