Like it was yesterday...

The new World Trade Center Memorial Fountains
Today is September the 11th - a very significant date for any American and a New Yorker for sure.

I remember when the World Trade Centre was under construction.  I remember school visits there.  I remember bringing my husband there for the first time and then resting with him outside in the buildings statue area while eating a piece of Godiva chocolate purchased in the shop within it's walls.  Most of all I remember seeing those beautiful towers from the Staten Island Ferry so majestically rise above all other buildings in the skyline.....

I've never written about this before and I find it hard even now to write what little I have.  It's still painful.  Perhaps one day I'll come to a peaceful place about it but today isn't that day.  Too many innocent people died for no reason.  No reason at all.  May they all rest in peace and their families find solice for their loss as the years pass.


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