A Craftsy Month

To my pocketbooks detriment, Craftsy, the on-line instructional video site, has been running a sale on all their offerings.  Any class for $19.99.  Their classes usually run anywhere from $35-39 each.   Not that this is outrageously expensive for genuinely good tutorials on a wonderful range of techniques - it's certainly not.  I'm just cheap and would rather spend the money on fabric I don't need to add to my ever growing stash of more fabrics I hardly have the room to store anymore.....  Anyway, when classes are only $19.99, I'm there.  I've purchased four in two days.

I will now be spending a lot of time watching: 

  • Machine Quilting Negative Space
  • Color Play for Quilters
  • Inspired Modern Quilts
  • Thread Art
 I love modern technology because not only can I watch these tutorials anytime I want through my computers (I use the plural here because who doesn't have more than one computer anymore?), I can also watch them anytime I want on my iPad.  And my iPad goes everywhere with me - even to bed.  It's a sad truth that when the husband and I head into the bedroom at night more often then not we both lie there each with our own iPads propped on our laps deep into whatever interests us most.  It's usually quilting for me and bicycle stuff for the husband.  This is the way of the modern marriage. 

OK, it's isn't always iPad time.....


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