Where Did the Mojo Go?

I’m at a frustrating point in my quilting life right now.  It’s not that I don’t have PLENTY of projects that require my attention – I certainly do.  But every single one of them are at the point of needing more fabric cut to continue.  And you know, lately I’m just not in the mood to cut fabric.  Usually when I reach this point of being lazy and not moving forward with work I always have a hand sewing project on the ready to pick up until I get my mojo back.  But even my hand sewing projects need bits cut. 

 Aaaaauuugggg!  I just have to get my head in the right place to do some measuring and cutting.

So I’m wondering – do any of you hit that brick wall of motivation once in a while?  And if you do, what do you do to get yourself out of it? 


  1. Yes I get to this point quite often! Then I go and buy fabric, and if that doesn't work I buy some more :) Then the new fabric is so nice I just have to cut into it and start something! That's why I have so many UFO's, enough fabric to stock a small shop, and not many finished quilts - BUT I have fun doing it!

  2. I've been there the last couple of WEEKS. I have plenty of projects but no 'go'...so I read a book, or several...

  3. Ah yes. I do believe this happens to all of us. Until now, I didn't realize it was related to being lazy. I thought i was just overwhelmed cause there is soooooo much I want to do, yet I don't need any of it. It's almost paralyzing.What to do? Well, I organize and clean the sewing room, but I do believe Susan's suggestion is great. Sometimes if I force myself to make the first seam I am suddenly on a roll. That is why I sometimes leave one last block at the machine ready to sew.
    Good luck


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