I'm a Modern Girl....

Last night I attended the inagural meeting of the Perth Modern Quilters.  There were six of us in attendance and we had a great time getting to know each other and making a connection.

This is what I love most about quilting.  Quilting all by itself is a productive and stimulating art form (yes, I'm saying art form because I'm really tired of the title 'craft') but when you gather more than one quilter in a room it becomes a social endeavor.  Not only then are quilters sharing their love and expertise with other like minded individuals in this time honored textile field, but they're becoming friends as well.  I know of no other artistic endeavor than can come close to the entertwining of two so important human desires - the need to create and the need to socialize. 

I love my quilting life.  Because of quilting I keep a connection of rich memories to my grandmother, who taught me to quilt, and to my father who introduced me to the wonderful world of textiles through his work.  And now through quilting I've created, and continue to create, a rich circle of friends who share my love of needles and threads and wine and laughter.

I wonder if quilting is to a woman what football is to the guys?


  1. Hi McKenna, Love your blog. Yes, I think quilting is to women what football is to guys. Although my guy calls football footbrawl and says he's a member of the AFL (anti football league). And in reference to your previous post, it was a great social get together for the Perth Modern Quilters. Here's to many more. Janine x


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