Sand Filled Shoes

The DH and I went to Cottesloe Beach over the weekend to view the ‘Art on the Beach’ exhibit they have there every year.  If you’ve never been and you live locally its really worth a visit.  Here are some photo’s:
I don’t have a favourite of these sculptures because I loved all of them.  I think the ‘red man’ that stood 10 feet tall probably drew the biggest crowd.  Not only because he was huge and bright red, but because he was completely nude and anatomically correct.  It was nice to see so many smiles on people’s faces when too often you see disapproving looks from the minority that ‘disapprove’ of nudity in art.  Personally I think the human body in all its forms is beautiful – especially when portrayed in art.  I suppose I’m more of a prude when it comes to live nudity.  I get really offended by people who dress inappropriately in shopping malls and on the street such as men without shirts or women in semi-bikini’s in the grocery store.  Come on people – get dressed!  There’s a time and place for showing some skin and while shopping for my broccoli to me is not one of them.  OK, I’m off my soap box now.
I loved the grouping of camels on the beach and the way their bodies were created to mimic wooden ships.  Because everyone knows that camels are the ships of the desert. 
The grouping of hands were fantastic too.  I don’t know their symbolism, if there was meant to be one at all.  I just liked the way they looked protruding on long metal polls from the beach gently waving in the wind.
My DH and I are going to make it a point to visit this exhibit again next year when it comes around.  What a lovely way to spend a Sunday in the sunshine, on the beach, looking at art. 


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