iPad Love - Take Two

As I posted a while back, I love my iPad. I use it for just about everything and that includes writing my blog and designing new quilt projects. I find it to be an invaluable tool in getting design ideas out of my head and into a digital format that I can play with endlessly until I'm ready to begin actual work in fabric. Adding to the list of apps I've already listed in my 'iPad Love' post that I use often, I need to add Blog Press as one of my must have apps for the modern quilter.

Until recently I wrote my blog posts on my iPad using the word processing app Pages. Pages is a great app and was more than adequate for my needs. However recently during a browse (that almost always turns into a purchase...) of the Apple App Store, I downloaded Blog Press. This app is designed for bloggers like me who want to take their writing on the road and away from the computer. It can be used for the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Basically it's a word processing app that let's me type my blog entries, add photographs and/or edit previous posts immediately anywhere my iPad goes. This may not thrill some quilters but it does me. I do some of my best writing while having a coffee in a Gloria Jeans cafe or while waiting in my car for the DH to get off work. Of course if I didn't have Blog Press I could still write my blog on my iPad and post it after I got home. But I'm a modern day blogger as well as a modern day quilter. Sometimes I just want immediate satisfaction!

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  1. Can you edit photographs? Thank you; I'm looking for an app that can edit photos and type my blog entries.


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