In the Beginning......

Ok.  This is my very first blog.  I'm still getting used to the process of setting up how this page is going to look so please be patient and stick with me.  I will evolve....

I'm writing a blog mainly about my quilt life but I'm sure at some point it will incorporate other parts of my life as well.  I decided to start a blog about quilting because its an important part of who am I.  I sew and create textile art (I hate the word craft...) because it makes me feel fulfilled as a woman.  In the creation of a quilt I feel connected to all the women who have gone before me.  They spoke with their needles and thread at a time when they had little voice outside of the home.  And in that way I speak the same today in my creative life (though I have a very strong voice at home and in public - ask my husband).  My quilts speak volumes about who am I as a woman and what kind of legacy I hope to leave behind.

So stayed tuned.  I plan to talk and talk and talk about quilting, sewing, being creative and everything else that happens run from my head to my fingers and onto the blog.


  1. Thanks. It's nice to know I'm not just talking to myself.


  2. After your visit to my blog and kind comment on my chicken pox quilt, I have returned the favor and added you to my list of "must reads."

  3. Thanks Diane. It's always good to have a fellow chicken lover reading my blog.


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