Do Fat Quarters Spontaneously Multiple?

I have a ridiculous amount of fabric in my stash. Of course I know I can't be alone in asking the question 'do fat quarters spontaneously multiple?'  Because honestly I don't remember buying THAT MUCH fabric.   Obviously magazine publishers have realized this affliction among their readers as well since five out of the six quilter magazines I've read lately discuss methodology to organize the ever multiplying stash.

You know I'm all for organizing my fabric.  The problem I'm having is in the folding of it all. I mean I can fold all the fat quarters the same since they're all roughly the same size (I say roughly because I've discovered there's a serious difference in one quilt shops fat quarter size to another quilt shops).  The problem comes to the bigger fabric cuts. It's really hard to get them folded so that they're all sized correctly when stacked on top of or beside each other. I'm thinking the solution to this could be to have a folding board.  Years ago while attending grad school I worked at the retail clothing store Eddie Bauer.  All the sales staff were taught that polo shirts and t-shirts had to look uniform when folded on the display table. To achieve this we were given an MDF board about the length and width of a folded shirt and were taught to fold the clothing around it in such a way that it could be pulled out after the shirt was made into a presentable package. They looked great after this exercise. I'm thinking I might need to coerce DH into making one of these gadgets for my ever growing and unruly fabric collection.  Not only would having a nice tidy fabric stash look great, but I'd probably save myself heaps of money the next time I start a project. If I can see what I already have at home before being tempted to buy more at the quilt shop maybe I'll start reducing a bit of that spontaneously multiplying fabric.


  1. Love your stash! I just finished washing all of my fat quarters.....took a week. Visit which is a great forum and there is a great discussion on using boards to fold your fabric.


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