Lets Talk Log Cabin

Just recently the Husband and I went on a camping trip. If any of you know me personally you'll know that camping is not my most favourite of activities. I'm more of a 5 star hotel kinda girl. Bugs, wilderness, lack of standard toilet facilities and a barrage of midnight animal noises really doesn't thrill me. But I believe compromise is an important part of a loving relationship so each year I put on my game face and off I trek into the woods to play happy camper for the love of my husband. It just so happened that this year, unlike previous camping excursions, involved days and days of constant rain. God, I must love this man....

During my trip I was thankful to be in close enough proximity to a 3G connection for my iPad that only wavered occasionally. And on day two of believing the Ark must be on its way to rescue us from certain death by drowning, I received a welcome email from the on-line media department of Fons and Porter asking if I would give a review of their latest ebook entitled:

This email of course made my day for numerous reasons. Number one, I got an email from Fons and Porter asking my opinion on something and two, I got a free ebook to read and critique which took my brain out of the wet and into a good place of reading what I love and getting to write about it. Sweet.

So, without further chatter, let me get down to the task at hand and talk about Build Your Best Log Cabin.

What the authors of this ebook strived to do, in my opinion, is take the very traditional log cabin block and present quilts made from them in a fresh and modern way without sacrificing the traditional aspects of what the log cabin has always been about - simplicity in block design and creativity in putting it all together. Not only did they show log cabin quilts made fresh with interesting block configurations and the use of bold modern fabrics, they also showed the log cabin in its more traditional form with drawn graphics presentations of long established layouts. And also being a quilt history nut, I really enjoyed the titbits of historical data given throughout the book regarding the blocks history. It's only a short book but I found it jam packed with information.

I particularly loved the 'woven' log cabin done in solids. I think this is modern log cabin at its best and is a pattern I'm definitely going to give a go myself. I was particularly pleased to see a quilt with pattern and instructions created by well known quilter and quilt TV presenter Ricky Timms included in the book. The instructions for his Bears in Bertie's Cabin quilt are easy to understand and execute and the info about heavy gage thread and trapunto techniques are very informational.

In summary, I really enjoyed the ebook. For such an abbreviated text it packs a lot of good information with inspiring photos to get your creative juices flowing. Damn, now that I'm all excited I'm going to have to start a log cabin quilt. As if I don't already have too many projects on the go.....

The good people at Fons and Porter are sharing this link so you can download your own free copy of Build Your Best Log Cabin. http://www.fonsandporter.com/landing/free-log-cabin-quilt-patterns

I have a feeling I won't be the only one starting a new log cabin quilt very soon.



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